Sicley Williams & Khomorai Galloway

Touch of Essence began healing people in 2010 after a trip to Ghana, West Africa. As Sicley & Khomorai toured the country, business men and women provided services from toe nail cutting to shoe shines and selling products like Shea butter to toilet tissue right on the street. This concluded in the idea to bring that same mobile entrepreneurial spirit to the U.S.

Touch of Essence now makes their products only with the Shea Butter made at the co-op within the N’Banaayili village. Our Products are completely organic, vegan, and chemical free. We even go further to insist on eco-friendly packaging as our mission is to naturally heal the people of the Earth as well as heal the Earth itself.

Now Sicley Williams (nail technician) and Khomorai Galloway (massage therapist), owners of TOE, are based in Atlanta, Ga.  Touch of Essence serves Atlanta, Ga and Memphis, Tn for spa services including groups and events. Our homemade Shea line of products is available worldwide and maybe we will travel to an event near you.  |  (757) 405-SHEA

Providing services to Metro Atlanta and Memphis, Tennessee.